Balls Deep in My Balloons


In her TransAngels debut, it’s Daisy Taylor’s birthday and she deserves to get everything she wants, especially the attention of her crush Pierce Paris. The cutie in a dark pixie cut brings Pierce up to her room to put his coat away, but when he sneaks a peek of her diary he realizes that he’s uniquely qualified to give Daisy the perfect gift. Pierce strokes Daisy’s cock, kissing her tenderly as he makes her dreams come true. Daisy can’t wait to get Pierce inside of her, bending over on the bed and spreading her perfect ass for the big-dicked stud. Daisy moans in ecstasy as Pierce rails her, loving every second of her big birthday bang in the balloons.


Daisy Taylor & Luna Love


SUPERSTAR EDITION! Coinciding with our 2019 Customer Appreciation Week we’ve had our LA maestro Buddy Wood pull out the stops and make the alchemy happen, bringing together two of the hottest names in the biz in Daisy Taylor & Luna Love for a XXX flick already hotly tipped as contender for hardcore of the year. Head to now for this seriously hot fucking production!

“Stunning, you guys need to get some of Luna Love on t-girls xxx ASAP solo, she is as beautiful as any woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on, Daisy is gorgeous too as always, lovely update, probably in the top 2 of all time just based on the beauty of the 2 models!

“A total dream pairing.”

“Spectacular TGirl on TGirl Update and Pairing and TGirls.Porn Debut for Daisy Taylor and Luna Love. I really liked the way Luna was topping Daisy in various positions balls deep and loved the pov angle and the sound of her balls slapping off of her ass each thrust. and kissing while fucking her as well and the frottage and cumming the same time and kissing each other to end the scene. Daisy Taylor and Luna Love performances very impressive and both of them are beautiful and talented as well. thanks for the spectacular update. looking forward to seeing more of Daisy Taylor and Luna Love. Keep up the great work Buddy Wood. 🙂 ”

“Been a fan of daisy since I first saw her doing scenes with her husband and then doing her solo scenes. I absolutelyove Luna and her tattoos. I didn’t think she was a top, and as a bottom I’d love to take what she’s giving. Hope to see more of both in the future”

“WOW Truly amazing scene from start to finish More Daisy the better!”

“Unfuckingbelievable!!! About every other month or so a scene comes along on this site that reminds me of just why I really subscribe: for mind blowing t-girl/t-girl action and this scene is an Instant 5-Star Favorite! Wow, how ridickulously erotic! Not to be caught up in the moment, but this is my new Number 1 Favorite here! Buddy has definitely hit a grand slam with this one, starting with such a gorgeous pairing. Luna’s body art is so beautiful and then there’s her amazing cock and topping skills, and the things she does with her mouth! Both girls simply performed spectacularly. Personally, I love it when girls act “for the camera”. It is so erotic when a girl’s looking directly into a camera with a look as if to say “Don’t you wish you were here?”, and especially while she has another girl’s delicious cock in her mouth! Thanks for the 69 and was that a double cumshot? The only negative about this scene is that it eventually had to end.”