Daisy Taylor – Purple Princess

Daisy Taylor wearing sexy purple lingerie, on a crisp white bed – ready, waiting and wanton. Cock hard, body smooth. Ass up. Legs akimbo. Asshole spread and sweet. Working herself up. Cock gets hard. Uses lube. She plays. She loves showing off. She gets more excited. She cums. This is Daisy Taylor. You know her, you love her and you’re going to get yourself off, just watching how hot she is and all that sexual energy.


I couldn’t be more in love. From her debut until now, she’s still the one. Gorgeous, sexy, playful, naughty.. I love every inch of her and hope she continues on this path because she can truly dominate the Trans industry. Magnificent work on both the photos and video. I love you Daisy!!

The Daisy Taylor Phenomenon

We were the first company to feature this utterly fabulous Californian model back in 2018, and worked with her throughout her meteoric rise in the industry and are honored to have her back in, to be the first company to work with her in 2023. She’s really quite the phenomenon, and any sets we’ve featured her in have been received well, and all social media goes crazy for her. Back with Buddy Wood, and shooting outside the Grooby house, this is Daisy at her best, cute as a button, an amazing body, killer ass, and the more perfect and hard cock. This IS Daisy Taylor.


No words on any comment ever can justify the overwhelming fact that Daisy is a living goddess. Much love to Daisy.

The Comeback

One of our favourite all time models, and Buddy finally got Daisy Taylor back in for a shoot – her first with us in a year. Daisy is quite the phenomenon – she’s been shooting with us since 2018 – and worked with numerous other companies, although slowed her shooting down in 2022 and made very little. It’s awesome to have her back in – and she’s lost none of her amazing looks, her incredible sex appeal and just really, I’ll keep gushing, one of the best models we’ve featured, ever. Watch this hot scene with Steve Rixx, plenty of chemistry as Daisy loves Steve’s big cock – and this is a hot scene.


Daisy is perfect in every single way, BUT I will never get over those feet. Exudes confidence and sexiness. Absolute goddess.