Daisy Taylor – Purple Princess

Daisy Taylor wearing sexy purple lingerie, on a crisp white bed – ready, waiting and wanton. Cock hard, body smooth. Ass up. Legs akimbo. Asshole spread and sweet. Working herself up. Cock gets hard. Uses lube. She plays. She loves showing off. She gets more excited. She cums. This is Daisy Taylor. You know her, you love her and you’re going to get yourself off, just watching how hot she is and all that sexual energy.


I couldn’t be more in love. From her debut until now, she’s still the one. Gorgeous, sexy, playful, naughty.. I love every inch of her and hope she continues on this path because she can truly dominate the Trans industry. Magnificent work on both the photos and video. I love you Daisy!!

Daisy Dicking Around

Daisy’s second set of this shoot, and after being hard and playing with herself without cumming for almost an hour, she was really, really ready. Black lingerie, white bed and Daisy Taylor – it’s a great combination and when Daisy shows off her perfectly puckered butthole, and hard cock, it’s almost overload. Then she releases her load.


Ah, the goddess that is Daisy. To see her squirt that beautiful cock. Mmmmm. One thing, why are so many of Daisy’s sets shot lying on a bed. In my eyes her best are not. Maybe do something a bit different with her. Just a thought. Excellent vid Buddy, thank you.

The Return of Daisy Taylor!

We have something amazing for you today: the one and only Daisy Taylor is back on TGirls.XXX with a brand new exclusive scene produced by Buddy Wood! We know you’ve been waiting for this! Stunning as always, Daisy returns horny as hell and ready to get rock-hard! Watch her posing, showing off her amazing body and stroking her big hard dick for you in her smashing TGirls.XXX comeback!


Wow–Talk about Gorgeous, that for sure is Daisy!! So delightful!! I’ve always admired her and loved her!! After watching this video, even more so now!! Daisy is so Terrific!! I’m a huge fan of hers!! Always so Enjoyable!! Daisy is so Natural and Awesome!! Thank you so much!! Nice job buddy!!