Daisy Dicking Around

Daisy’s second set of this shoot, and after being hard and playing with herself without cumming for almost an hour, she was really, really ready. Black lingerie, white bed and Daisy Taylor – it’s a great combination and when Daisy shows off her perfectly puckered butthole, and hard cock, it’s almost overload. Then she releases her load.


Ah, the goddess that is Daisy. To see her squirt that beautiful cock. Mmmmm. One thing, why are so many of Daisy’s sets shot lying on a bed. In my eyes her best are not. Maybe do something a bit different with her. Just a thought. Excellent vid Buddy, thank you.

Cumshot Monday: Daisy Taylor

Without a doubt, gorgeous Daisy Taylor making her debut was one of the most amazing things to happen in 2018. This girl is stunning, one of the most beautiful models we’ve had the pleasure of introducing to the world. Today, this absolute firecracker returns – right on time to kick off another amazing Grooby Girls week by starring in a brand new “Cumshot Monday” episode produced by Buddy Wood. Looking beautiful and feeling horny, Daisy can’t wait to start playing with her rock-hard cock! Watch her stroking it until she cums just for you!

“She might just be the hottest girl ever! Along with the previous set, BIG THANKS to Buddy for not just zooming in during the cum shot & obscuring her gorgeous face. 👍 Love her expressions when she cums!”

“There’s no ‘might be’ about it….she is the hottest babe of all time..gorgeous, sexy, amazing cock, ass…and for me she’s just is so natural and lights up the screen like she’s been doing it for 20 years..pure pure fire…like I said before, she needs to be signed to a contract. I could look at her all day. Absolute perfection.”

“Veri few girls can compete with her in terms of beauty. A little more experience and she will become the legend she deserves to be. Thank you so much!”

“This babe raises my heart rate, my blood pressure and I bet Grooby’s subscriptions as well! Flawless so feminine and passable, and still very nicely equipped. Top drawer!”

“She Drop dead Gorgeous!!! Boy Daisy is Beautiful!! Perfection at its best!!! This was so enjoyable, I really loved it!!! A dream come true!! Nice work Buddy, you really out did yourself!!! Daisy’s Cock is Amazing, her Ass and pussy awesome!!! I could use more Daisy Taylor!!! She gives you that good feeling all over!!! Just Great!!”

“She is simply amazing words can’t describe how wonderful she is. From head to toe perfection, her feet might be the best I’ve seen. If you have a new update if her every month it would be the best more Daisy the better. Model of year!”

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